Exterior Spray Foam

When looking at using Exterior Spray Foam, you are literally “Thinking Outside The Box!” Not only are you being creative, you are adding a lot of value to your structure. Closed Cell Spray foam, especially one with a higher density, adds a great deal of structural strength. Beyond that you are completely insulating the structure with an insulation with high R-Value that is also an air barrier as well as a vapor barrier.

What is Exterior Spray Foam?

Exterior spray foam is simply spray foam that is applied to the exterior. One of the key products that is utilized at Shield Energy Solutions is spray polyurethane foam, also known as SPF. The spray foam that Shield uses on exterior applications is closed cell spray polyurethane foam or ccSPF for short. The ccSPF can be applied to the external side of the wall frame and then covered with siding, brick stucco etc. or the ccSPF can be used as both the insulation and siding with a uv coating added to protect it from the sun. In either case, this creates a shield around the structure that reduces or eliminates vapor and air leakage. Exterior spray foam can be applied to almost any structure’s existing exterior although this is usually done in very specific scenarios. Beyond a solid air barrier, the exterior spray foam also lowers energy costs and increases the overall value of the structure.

Exterior Spray foam has been getting more popular for commercial design projects due to its lower installation cost and reduction in material waste when compared to traditional XPS foam boards. In addition, the foam is much easier to apply to curved or irregular surfaces making the external seal much stronger.

What are the Benefits of External Spray Foam?

Thermal Insulation

The ccSPF forms a thermal insulation that helps keep the internal temperatures of a building uniform. This allows for a more consistent and comfortable temperature to be maintained even with extreme outside conditions. Thermal insulation is permanent, lowering the recurring expense and it has a very small carbon footprint.

Closed Air Barrier

An air barrier is a shield that is created to keep the outside air separate from the inside air. Closed cell foam offers the smallest airflow of any building material available so that your air barrier is resistant to external flow and toxins, thus keeping the highest internal air quality.

Vapor Retarding

Closed cell foam act as a vapor retarding agent. This helps create a vapor barrier. While similar to an air barrier, a vapor barrier holds off the migration of water vapor that can seep in and cause interstitial condensation. This keeps the structure dry and strong.

What is your next step?

Shield Energy Solutions is a locally owned and operated business. Our team brings over 30 years of knowledge and expertise to every project. One of the things that sets Shield apart from its competitors is their passion to lower energy usage which is great for the environment. If you are a home builder, have a commercial project, or simply want more information on the benefits of exterior spray foam, contact Shield Energy Solutions today.

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